Back to school week: Parental guidance edition

back to school parents

You didn’t think I’d forget you, did you? We covered mornings, locker decor, taking notes, and creating a homework station, and now it’s time to get your game on. Because everyone knows that kids don’t get back to school with new clothes and outfitted backpacks if parents aren’t organized.  So all of these items below are all about keeping you running like a well-oiled carpooling/lunch-making/teacher-compliment-ing machine. Be sure to read all 5 posts in this series!



1. The kids are back in school; now you can learn something new too: Pick up a new skillset on Skillshare.

2. Go for the natural look at drop-off with a Hipp x RGB nail polish shade that matches your skin tone. (and why has no one thought of this before??) $18.

3. Tempo pulls from your emails, contacts, calendar and documents to make one smart calendar. (iPhone only). FREE.

4. The UE Boom Bluetooth Speaker from Logitech is perfect perched on the kitchen counter while you make lunches in the morning. Blare My Chemical Romance as loud as you want… it turns into a speaker phone if you get a call.  $199.

5. Hamilton Beach’s Stay or Go Coffee Maker gets you and your co-parent ready for the morning commute or the carpool line. (There’s a carafe for saturdays). $63.

6. Ingenious Piccolo automatically sends you the best of your Facebook photos monthly. Starts at $10/month.

7. Smaller than a 3-hole punch, the Doxie Go scanner goes with you anywhere, no plugs or cables required. Once it’s back at your desk all your scans flood in.  Invaluable in the quest to go paperless. $188.

8. Every minivan warrior needs to stay hydrated. The thermos-of-the-moment is a glass Bkr with a brightly-colored silicone sweater. Pictured in Lush, $18.

9. Fall essential alert: New tote in an of-the-season color that feels new and classic at the same time. Thank you, Everlane. Pictured in Tangerine, $35.

10. I’m going to build an entire fall wardrobe around this Sailor drops wool silk scarf from Leif. Pictured in Grey, $120.

11. The mac-daddy of wireless routers, the Belkin N750 DB has dual-band speed (that’s enough bandwidth for your son the gamer, your husband the streamer, and your daughter the online shopper). Plus parental controls are built right in for safe surfing.

12. Whether it’s a playdate or a ditch-the-kids-romantic date, coordinating schedules is hard (and usually requires an annoying email chain).  Use Invy instead and streamline the process. (iPhone only). FREE.


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