Back to school week: Note-taking edition

This week I’m sharing all my favorite products for Back to School.  So far, we’ve covered mornings, and pimping one’s locker.  Today’s post is all about notes, which can make the difference between pass or fail.  I was one of those meticulous note-takers: Color coded, highlighted, bulleted… let’s just say I could have made a pretty penny selling those bad boys.  I only wish I had some of these digital tools when I was in school. Check back every day this week for more!



1. Society6 composition notebook iPhone and iPod cases. You look smart just holding it. $35.

2. OneNote from Microsoft captures all the notes you take in class, and makes them accessible anywhere.

3. Bridging the gap between tablet and laptop, the Microsoft Surface RT is perfect for jotting notes in class (and playing games afterward). $382.

4. It looks like a pencil, but it’s not. This stylus from Griffin might have an identity crisis, but it’s invaluable for quick hand-written notes on your phone or tablet. $17.99.

5. The Chezz stylus is a slap bracelet. Addictive to wear, and ever-ready to take a note. $23.95

6. Highlighter pencils are eco-friendly and won’t leak all over your shirt. Geeks rejoice. $2.50.

7. It’s a moleskine notebook, with a terrier painted on it. BOOM. $10.

8. This ingenious Boogie Board e-writer is like a bottomless memopad. Write, then press a button to erase. Perfect for study drills.

9. “Hey computer, take a memo”. Dragon Dictation apps (for Blackberry, Android and iOS) let you speak instead of type.

10. A stunning iPad app that mimics the feeling of sketching, painting and doodling on paper could only be called… Paper. FREE (extra tools are in-app purchases).

11. Sensu brush is a stylus that acts just like a paintbrush, for gorgeous digital art projects. $39.99.

All products and services are hand-picked by me. I am not compensated for my recommendations.

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