Father’s Day is next weekend, and I’ve been reflecting on what it’s meant to me to watch my husband’s evolution from that guy i love…to the dad in the house. From day one, he was fiercely protective and hands-on— elevating the act of changing diapers and swaddling to an art form. Music was everywhere, always, and my kids have been fed a steady diet of  ’80s pop, ’70s prog rock, ’60s soul, and lots of Broadway. And wherever a joke can be inserted, it is. Lots of quick wit, lots of sarcasm, both of which my son is trying on for size now that he’s officially a teenager— a mini version of his father.  Our dinners are full of giggles, and if your joke can make someone spit out their drink, it’s a good day.

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Is your pooch a little tubby around the tummy? My dog, Jenny, is only four years old, but she’s already honing her sloth skills…and could stand to lose a few pounds. I know that just as with humans, dogs can live longer and healthier lives if they stay in shape—and I definitely want my best friend to live forever! Still, as a working mom who’s frazzled enough keeping up with projects and kids, it’s not easy to watch everything Jenny does (not to mention vacuums into her mouth).

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You know you’ve lived in Los Angeles long enough when you grow bored of the sunshine and start to crave a little snow. My two California kids find snow jackets and mittens delightful— they didn’t have to grow up in the bitter Canadian north like I did, facing wind-whipping skin-cracking weather, winter after endless winter.  But this winter, while we didn’t want to be assaulted with relentless storms we’d heard about on the news, we did yearn to breathe in a little cold air, and maybe throw a snowball or two. So I was thrilled to be invited back to our favorite ski town, Mammoth, and spend a few days taking in all it had to offer.

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Stay connected. That’s the goal of every working or traveling mom. I know that when I’m away, whether it’s at the grocery store, or on a business trip, I’m always looking for ways to drop a line, say hi, be in touch. My kids are older now, so they’re attached to devices most of the time (how to remedy that is a whole other blog post), so they’re “messagable” whenever I want to tell them I love them to pieces, or to walk the dog before dark.  But how can you send a quick “hello” to the pre-texting set?

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Photo by Daniel Collopy, Courtesy of HGTV.
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