“Portable listening [on your Walkman] is rude only when when it causes accidents or the snubbing of people with legitimate claims on the absorbed person’s attention.” — Miss Manners, 1990

No doubt Miss Manners could never have imagined the fragmented, distracted digital life we all live today. With everyone from grown-ups to toddlers now using digital devices, we could all use an etiquette lesson, but here’s a few tips on how to teach your kids digital etiquette.  Read More

So you want to surprise your kiddo (and impress guests) with a memorable kids birthday party, but can’t afford to spend a fortune (or weeks searching for unique favors and decorations)? Well, here’s a reason to celebrate: I’ve found some totally killer kids birthday party ideas that’ll each make a huge impression on a tiny budget (thank you, technology!). You can also see me showing them off on my new uLive series, Digiknow!

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If you’ve got kids, then I’ll bet you’re more than a little bit familiar with the pings and dings of devices running 24/7. With iPad textbooks in backpacks, and digital, well, everything becoming the norm, tech is a pervasive part of young life. So when it comes to screen time, I’ve pretty much adopted the motto, “If you can’t beat ’em, at least make ’em educational.”

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Photo by Daniel Collopy, Courtesy of HGTV.
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