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laundry room tech

The laundry room is often overlooked when it comes to style and function. It’s just the laundry room… usually relegated to the basement, or behind some closet doors, and doesn’t allow for much inspiration. But the truth is, we spend so much time doing laundry that’s a shame we can’t also enjoy the environment and amenities while we’re at it. Laundry rooms have been getting a second look recently, and both their design and the technology in them are enjoying a bit of a refresh.

Washing machines are getting more and more features, including touch screens that make easier work of determining the appropriate cycle for your load, as well as bells and whistles, like LG’s Twin Wash that allows you to do darks and lights at the same time, and Samsung’s Add Wash trap door that lets you throw in a stray sock mid-cycle. And Whirlpool’s Swash clothing care system is something I now can’t live without— it shrinks jeans back to their form factor, gets odors out of clothes, and de-wrinkles, all without a wash or trip to the dry cleaner.

Below, I’ve highlighted some of my favorite new washing machine technology, most of which I spied at CES and the International Home + Housewares Show this year, as well as some accessories and details that will give the space a bit of polish.

laundry room technology 1. Samsung Add Wash washing machine | 2. Lostine Wall Hooks | 3. The Laundress stain brush | 4. Parachute Towels | 5. Copper Hangers | 6. Caldea Coriander & Lime laundry detergent | 7. F’lint lint roller | 8. Rowenta steam iron | 9. Swash clothing care system | 10. LG Twin Wash washing machine | 11. Negative Underwear Brabriefs.

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