Smart Ways to Make Household Chores Easier

chores at teh smart home

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Between mowing the lawn, keeping up with the cleaning, doing the dishes and the laundry, sometimes, owning a home can feel more like my home owns me! That’s why I’m so impressed by the HGTV Smart Home 2014, which has inventive, built-in ways to make common home headaches and chores sooo much easier.

chores in the smar

As HGTV’s tour guide through this year’s giveaway house, I was given the inside track on some of the most interesting features, from a front yard that’s designed to stay green with less yard work, to a breakfast bar that makes morning madness a breeze. See the full story here.

And here’s a preview of one thing that makes the home so smart: when it’s time to say goodnight, one button gets it all done. A touchscreen not only controls the lights, but sets the alarm, locks doors and offers secure video of entrances and exits, so you really can sleep tight.

Do you have more smart ideas to make household chores easier? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Too bad Sandra Bullock did not have a smart home. I digress, I would like to know about this Kim K game. How do I get it? I am going to enjoy your website. Bye

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