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After a drizzly weekend in Boston, I’m happy to be back in the never-ending toasty weather that is Los Angeles. I had a blast at the Wayfair Heart Home Conference where I gave a keynote on technology to a bunch of interior designers and design bloggers (I think I won some hearts when I told them all that they didn’t have to give up their paper notebooks… there were audible sighs of relief).

I was looking so forward to enjoying some cooler weather on this trip, but when I got there it was just… rainy. So I didn’t really get to enjoy the cardigan-and-scarf romp through the park that I had envisioned. And now I’m back, and man, it’s still so hot here. Will it ever be sweater weather?

My desire to stay indoors where it’s climate controlled is a good deal for you, because I’m cleaning out my tech closet! The closet where all the test units and donated products go that help me write all those reviews… the closet that starts to spill out into the rest of my garage until one day the dog goes missing and we find her buried in boxes of bluetooth speakers. It’s time to reclaim some space, so I’m giving some big stuff away this week! It’s all virtually brand-new: I’ve taken each product out to play with it for a bit, and then re-boxed it and put it away for you to enjoy. And I can’t wait for you to enjoy it! Every day this week, I’ll be giving away a prize, and we’ll be doing a one-day, flash sweepstakes. You can enter once a day, and there’s lots of ways to up your entries (see the widget at the bottom of this post for details).

First up: Vacuum Giveaway!

Today’s prize is: The Neato XV-21


It’s a robot vacuum cleaner that automatically vacuums your entire floor— with a special sweeper for corners. Lasers help it see everything in the room, so it can avoid bumping into your furniture. And it glides easily over stone, rugs, tile, carpets, and more so any surface gets clean. You can set it to automatically clean while you’re away with it’s simple interface, and when it’s done, it returns to its charging base to refuel.

Best of luck and check the blog all week for more prizes!

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Photo borrowed from Viva La Wow

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