Wash & Wear: Urbanears Humlan Headphones

The mop on my head requires a small pile of products, special towels and diffusers to look its best. If I tried to wash and go, I’d be legally blind, what with all the frizz blocking my vision (and you wouldn’t want to sit behind me in a movie theater). Thankfully, there’s a new pair of headphones that’s decidedly less high maintenance.

The new Humlan pair from Urbanears (makers of a rainbow of happy headphones in all shapes and sizes) are cleanable. Brilliant. Finally, I can wear them while spinning at the gym, then toss the removable headband strap and ear cushions into the laundry with the rest of my sweaty gear. And, of course, regular wear and floating the bottom of your purse gets headphones just as dirty as the gym, but until now, no one has made it easy to truly de-grunge their soft and squishy parts.

What I also love about these is the ZoundPlug feature, a dual-headphone plug that makes sharing music a snap for kids in the car when, frankly, I’m craving a little less Disney Diva and a little more NPR. The sound flows through angled ear cups that fit snugly on even the littlest ears. And, the hands-free mic and remote make it easy to pick up calls safely without fumbling for your phone. All this is music to my ears.

UrbanEars Humlan headphones ($49) are available in twelve juicy colors, including the newest Citrus, Julep & Forget-Me-Not (pictured).

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