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Scary tech stories

Since Halloween is almost here, I thought it’d be fun to share some scary tech stories— you know, when your phone falls in the toilet, an airborne Wii remote shatters your TV, or your laptop goes POOF! and you lose… everything. Shudder.

This scene from Sex & The City (pictured above) is one of my favorites— and not just because John Corbett is in it. (Love him.) It’s happened to me so many times… and while it gets less scary if you regularly back up your laptop, it’s still never fun to see that Sad Mac.

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Scary Tech Stories Giveaway

Use the widget below to follow me on twitter, then leave your spookiest tech story in the comments.  The giveaway runs through Sunday 11/1… just in case something haunting happens to your tech on the weekend.

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45 comments on “Giveaway • Scary Tech Stories”

  1. Traveling for work, I slipped my MacBook laptop under the seat during takeoff. Unfortunately the passenger in front of me put their extra-huge, super-sized, mondo (get the picture?

  2. A few years back, as a fairly new employee at a software company, I was introduced to a file “sharing” site by a coworker. I was eager to use the site, as I was taught by my grandmother and school teachers in my youth that sharing is a noble virtue. It’s what separates us from the animals — that and opposable thumbs.

    A few files into my session, my computer came to life! It began doing things (Ex., opening pages and directories) all on its own! My heart kept into my throat. Not only was my machine comprimised, but I was connected to the network! A million thoughts raced through my head. I thought of running, never coming back. The scene in Wierd Science, when Anthony Michael Hall and that other guy smash the computer with an aluminum baseball bat, presented itself as an option.

    I want you to know that my intellect won out! I did the right thing. I unplugged my computer, both power and network cables, and counted to a million. I plugged the power back in, tested the proverbial water, and then found a highly recommended virus finder/killer.

    That was the scariest tech moment of my life.

  3. I went on a family vacation a few years ago to Africa. I had hundreds of pictures and videos on a SD card, and transferred them to my laptop whenever they got full. There were some important videos on the SD card from our trip, and while I was transferring all the media from one laptop to another, I somehow lost everything. All the photos and videos my family took on our 2 month long trip. I didn’t know how to break it to them that I just lost all our pictures and videos. I spent the whole night downloading various recovering softwares, hoping something would work. Well it made things WORSE, and I ended up getting a virus on the laptop. It took a week before my laptop was fixed, and I started transferring all my things from a backup I had. I looked through my files and guess what, I found the photos and videos from my family trip! Well, I ended up never finding the more important videos (oops..) but everything else was fine! That was the scariest tech scare that probably could ever happen to me, considering I love photography!

  4. Most people think since I created the MomCo App, that I must be super tech savvy. WRONG! Computers make me crazy!

    I usually never turn off my desktop Mac, but I thought since I would be out of town for a few days turning it off would be the smart thing to do. WRONG! When I got home I held down the power button and NOTHING! My pictures! All I kept thinking was, my pictures! So I lugged that 20lbs+ computer to the genius bar just to have the guy hold down the power button for 10 seconds and my computer came back to life. I was relieved of course but I also felt mildly dumb that I didn’t know that all I had to do was “hold down the power button of 10 seconds.” My sweet genius tells me like it’s common knowledge. So I lugged that giant computer back to my car with my tail between my legs. But I had all my pictures safe and sound!

  5. My scariest story that I try to forget…happened in 1999. I just got my first “real job” in corporate america. I hadn’t used email that much in college, so I was just getting used to it. (Can you even remember life without email and texting…I must be getting old!) Anyways, the company sent out an email to all employees. I replied to all when I meant it to go to person. I learned my lesson and luckily didn’t get fired…and I learned how to use the recall feature. 🙂

  6. My scariest tech story was last Week-end.
    I dressed well to go meet some friends and put a tight jean.
    I put my iPhone 6 as always in my pocket.
    Once there I had to sit down but I immediately thought I was broking my iPhone!
    I then verified if it was not bent by puting it on every flat surface I saw!
    I was so scared!!

  7. I’m a personal trainer and I absolutely love it. I rarely do cardio, I hate it. But I got a new iPhone and hadn’t bought any accessories for it yet. This particular day I decide to do cardio. SOOOO I tuck my phone in my bra,hit the headphones(wrapped around my NECK and I’m off. My phone popped out and flew under the treadmill belt(headphones still attached)

    1. OMG! My iPhone 6 flew out of my teeny pocket in my workout pants a couple weeks ago while I was jogging and I STEPPED ON IT! I have never killed an iPhone in all the years I’ve had one… it was sad.

  8. @carleyknobloch hey the link isn’t working but I can still tell you my scariest tech story. I actually thought I was gonna die. I’m a personal trainer and I absolutely love it. I rarely do cardio, I hate it. But I got a new iPhone and hadn’t bought any accessories for it yet. This particular day I decide to do cardio. SOOOO I tuck my phone in my bra,hit the headphones(wrapped around my NECK and I’m off. My phone popped out and flew under the treadmill belt(headphones still attached)

  9. My scariest tech horror story is when I forgot to back up my computer, and lost all my important files, including a finish story I stayed up all night written for a class. My hard drive went bad, it was a mess.

  10. My scariest tech story was when I had all my work opened up on various windows, then the computer did an automatic reboot. All the windows I had opened were lost and could not be recovered, because the computer wasn’t set to return to the work one had on the screen prior to the reboot. I lost all the work that day, which was very painful, to say the least.

  11. My scariest tech story happened about 4 years ago. We had all of our honeymoon pictures stored on a computer with an early solid state drive and one day I went to boot it up and it was wiped clean 🙁 Sadly, my wife had just recently deleted a lot of her photos off of her Facebook account, so they were lost forever.

    1. Oh, man. HONEYMOON… that’s huge. Maybe you’ll just have to head back to whatever exotic location you were at and recreate them..? 🙂

  12. My scariest was a close call…. my iMac hard drive began acting up, and I hadn’t backed up anything, ever. I was tremendously lucky in getting it to boot up one more time, so I could use Time Machine to back up on a drive my brother gave me. The original drive NEVER worked again. Lesson learned!

  13. My scariest tech story? It started when i bought a new soundinstallation for my iMac. After a whole day of listing to music through my brand new speakers I turned off my iMac and went to bed. When I was doozing off I heard some voices coming from the officeroom. It scared me too death as I live alone and was sure no one could be in there. I must have been dreaming and didnt payed any attention to it at first, when the second time I heard a clear voice again. After taking up the courage to have a look I find my speakers still on and catching some french radio talkshow frequentie. What an adventure!

  14. Oh man, too many scary-tech stories to count! Countless loss of hardware data, but one time my friend was going through my Digital SLR in order to delete a less-flattering picture of herself. She isn’t the most tech-savvy and asked how to delete it, so I explained it while continuing on with my work; Shortly after, she said “Oops… please don’t get mad, I didn’t mean to.” I asked, “What’s wrong?” and she said “I don’t know what I did.” I grab the camera and notice a blank screen in the reviewing option. All my pictures were gone! She had somehow figured out how to do a formatting of my camera rather than following my instructions, for fear that I was misleading her and would blackmail her later with said picture. 🙁

  15. Just last weekend I dropped by 10-year-old nephew’s iphone into a sink of dishwater! Yikes! Thankfully, it seems to be doing okay.

  16. I was at the gym with my sister and we were on treadmill. I just finished putting on a song on my smartphone, when my headphones fell on the belt and flew backwards. I looked back, not paying attention to my feet, and flew off treadmill as well. Everyone looked and snickered.

  17. Earlier this year I was upgrading the operating system on my sister’s Ipad. It was about 80% complete when the battery died on the computer it was synced to. I can’t begin to relate the nightmare that followed when the computer was plugged in and I continued the upgrade. It was stuck. No matter what I did, unplugging, replugging, closing and restarting the file, nothing. I finally thought of Youtube (being a senior citizen this is my “go to” place for all things technical). Sure enough! There were a few solutions offered. Of course as her Ipad hadn’t been synced before the upgrade, some pictures were lost. Lesson learned….always make sure you sync your tablet before upgrading the OS and make sure your computer has a lot of juice before starting!

    1. Oh man, that’s a bad one. You should ALWAYS have a computer plugged in when you’re doing those upgrades… not even a full battery will do it sometimes… that’s a MUST from now on, no?

  18. I had a geothermal system installed in my house which required some electrical work. The electrician told me he was done and it was good to go. So I plugged in my TV and TiVo and DVD player etc. I then heard some hissing and popping. Nothing would turn on. All dead. The electrician made a mistake. TiVo dead.DVD player dead. Powered speaker from zvox dead. Oi.

  19. Just choose *one* of my many email horror stories? You know… The ones where you hit reply instead of forward after making a snide comment?

    1. Yeah, that’s the risk with digital pictures… although I do remember a roll or two of film going back inexplicably… you never have a sure thing…

  20. I was on a tight deadline with a publisher to finish my first book. I was writing on Word and saving every couple of minutes to make sure I didn’t lose anything. In addition, I have SugarSync as a back up just to make sure nothing gets lost.

    Well, Word malfunctioned which meant my changes were not actually being saved even though it appeared that they were and Word also stopped communicating with SugarSync so I lost most of a chapter.

    Talk about stress! I was able to rewrite it though I’m not sure if I included everything in the second version that had been in the first.

  21. I personally don’t have a horror story, but my mom has told me hers. She works in IT, and her office was having construction done. The workers cut straight through the ethernet cord bundles in the ceiling! It was a disaster.

  22. My scariest tech moment was when my hard drive crashed, and I had a presentation on it for the next day. Thankfully, I had backed it up so with a little work I was able to retrieve it!

  23. my scariest tech story is when I was leaving for a big wedding and my iPhone fell out of my suit pocket and into the show filled driveway at my house. I was 2 hours into the wedding when I realized I lost my phone and could not take pictures.

    After being disappointed all day I came back home and saw my iPhone and by some miracle that I will never understand, my phone was still working! I placed it in rice to be safe, but still works to this day.

  24. My scariest story almost cost me a friend! I had just upgraded to a new phone and I didn’t know all the functions yet. Well I had taken a call from a friend, and put the phone down, which on my old phone would have automatically ended the call. Well it didn’t and I was with another friend and made a snide comment about the friend I just got off the phone with. She called back and let’s just say I was embarrassed beyond words. Lesson learned on so many levels! lol

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