Bluetooth speaker takes a stand

Native Union Switch

Aptly named for its ability to stand horizontally or vertically, the Native Union Switch speaker is doing what it can to “stand out” (ahem) among the Bluetooth speaker masses.

For starters, it multi-tasks as a conference call speaker and a powerbank to charge your mobile USB devices when you’re on the go.  Good thing too, cause it’s a bit heavier than some of it’s counterparts (must be all that juice it’s storing inside).  Conference call features are good, not great— the sound is a bit cloudy, but if you’ve got a cramped shoulder and don’t have headphones around, it’s a life saver— plus, the full duplex feature means that both parties can speak and be heard simultaneously… none of that awful “no, you go ahead,” banter is necessary.

It’s big size also houses a big battery, which offers an impressive 14 hours of either music or call time.  The exterior is rubberized and rugged, and comes in a range of colors that would all look good in your house (read: no lime green or fuscia— thank you!).

When it comes to music, a simple dial on the side makes it easy to adjust the volume, and a chime sounds to let you know that you’re all the way to eleven.  And though it does work wirelessly via Bluetooth, it also offers a wired connection as well, so if you don’t mind toting a cable, you’ll be sure to have fewer cut-outs and interruptions.

Get the Native Union Switch Speaker, $149.99

photo credit: Fancy


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