Is that a DVR in your pocket?

is that a DVR in your pocket

I used to bring a big DVD player on a cross-country flight.  At one point I think I brought two… one for me, and one for the kids (airport security loved me). I used to do a lot of things that seem silly now, now that watching a movie doesn’t involve a trip to Blockbuster and eight pounds of hardware.

The HP Pocket Playlist takes this hassle, shrinks it down and takes it on the road.  This smaller-than-a-smartphone hard drive has 32GB of storage space: That’s room enough for 16 full-length movies, 7,600 songs or 10,000 photos.  I think that’s enough media to get my kids through a long road trip or me from LAX to JFK.  Plus, it can stream to 5 devices at once (via Wi-Fi, no internet connection required), so as long as everyone has their own device my husband can watch Breaking Bad, the kids can watch Despicable Me, and I catch up on episodes of The Big Bang Theory… all at the same time.

Did I mention all this fits in your pocket, and it’s just over $100?

Here’s where it gets interesting: It plays nicely with PlayLater, which is a DVR service for internet video (you get a one-month free trial when you sign up).  This means that you can record things from dozens of channels, like cable networks (HGTV, Fox News, Animal Planet) Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube and easily add them to your drive to watch later.

HP Pocket Playlist supports Android, Windows Phone and iOS out of the box.  Comes with a car charger too, so you don’t run out of juice while this diminutive powerhouse does its thing.

Get the HP Pocket Playlist, $129

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