Eye-fi makes summer photography a snap


Let’s set the lens straight, shutterbugs. iPhones snap some pretty sweet shots, but nothing takes the place of our beloved Canons and Nikons when it comes to taking a masterful photograph.

With the Eye-Fi Mobi wireless memory card, you get a mashup of both: Quality and quick sharing. It’s a memory card for your camera, equipped with a tiny wifi adapter. Use it like any other memory card, but install the app on your device too (any Wifi-enabled iOS or Android device… you too, Kindle!).  Now, as quick as the “Cheese!” that follows a camera squeeze, Mobi uses the nearest Wifi signal to deliver that picture straight to your device in real time. No more searching for frequently misplaced connectors, and no more agonizingly slow transfers to your hard drive.

Might I add, it’s also the cutest sounding name for a memory card ever.

Snap up an Eye-Fi Mobi Wifi Memory Card, $49.99

P.S. I made this video to explain how an earlier model of the Eye-Fi card works.  It’s even easier to use now, but if you want to check it out, click here!

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  1. hi, I was wondering if I could possibly use the Eye-fi system using my Nikon Camera and my pc which are quite distant. how is it possible?

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