7 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

father's day gifts

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My dad is notoriously tough to shop for; whatever he wants, he buys for himself. And when Father’s Day rolls around, he insists that he’d like nothing more than to just be in the company of his kids and grandkids. I know, that’s lovely, but you can’t wrap grandkids, and I can’t be empty-handed! If any of this sounds familiar, I’ve got some last-minute recommendations for all kinds of dads with all kinds of interests.

I’ll be on KTLA next week sharing them all, but here’s a sneak peek so you can get your shopping done in time. There’s definitely something in this list that will make your dad glad you didn’t take him up on that just you and the grandkids idea.


For the grilling dad: Grill Daddy
Father's Day Tech
The only drag about using a grill is scrubbing it down afterward. This sleek tool is steam-operated, so it takes all the back-breaking out of grill-cleaning. No need for nasty chemicals. It even has a feature called a “crud-buster scraper.” Yep, that’s got Dad’s name all over it.

For the dad who loves cars: Anki DRIVE
Father's Day Tech
If your dad still has (or misses) his Matchbox cars, this is going to blow his mind. Self-driving Anki toy cars speed along a racetrack board…controlled by an iOS app. It’s kind of like remote controller-meets-Playstation-meets-TRON.

For the health-conscious dad: BITE by BlueAnatomy
Father's Day Tech
This might be the smartest kitchen scale around. Put some food on BITE, and its app will tell you not only the food’s weight, but its exact calories and nutritional facts. Plus it can log Dad’s daily calorie intake, so Mom doesn’t have to say a word about that ice cream sundae (let the scale speak for her). BITE’s still on pre-order, but you could always give Dad a dinner to tide him over.

For the sporty dad: Buhel Speakglasses
Father's Day Tech
First, there were Ray-Bans, which looked cool, but could only protect your eyes. Take a look at the next generation in hipness: Speakglasses SG04. These Bluetooth-enabled Italian specs are as stylish as any polarized sport shades, but their frames contain a bone conduction microphone, so Dad can chat hands-free and still be heard on windy mountain hikes or at noisy ballgames.

For the fishing dad: echo 301dv by Garmin
Father's Day Tech
Let Dad catch the big ones the way the pros do it: with scanning sonar, so he can see where the fish are under his boat. Finally, his “fish stories” can all become true tales. I see more fish dinners in your family’s future.

For the camping dad: Swedish FireSteel
Father's Day Tech
Give Dad the power to create 5,500 degrees Fahrenheit at his fingertips. Swedish FireSteel was developed for the Swedish Department of Defense to spark flames at all altitudes, even when wet. So Dad can ignite a fire on his way up Mt. Fuji…or whenever he wants to light the grill with extra flair.

For the dad who has it all: URB-E
Father's Day Tech
Whether Dad commutes to a train or bus or just likes to be the center of attention, he’ll be crazy about URB-E—an itty-bitty folding electric bike (the world’s smallest electric vehicle, in fact). It fits in his trunk and is easy to tote, so he can park far from the traffic and cruise the rest of the way to his destination, up to 20 miles on a single charge. It’s still on pre-order, but that just gives Dad more time to brag about what’s coming his way.

Got more great gift ideas? Suggest them in the comments!

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