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If moms could tell you what they want (what they really, really want), what do you think it would be? A recent survey gave the answer, but if you’re a mom yourself, I bet you’ve already guessed it: more time! And you can give any mom in your life exactly that with these great new gadgets and apps, all designed to make life easier and more fun. I had the pleasure of debuting my picks on TODAY with the fabulous Kathie Lee and Hoda (see us in action, including me in my very yellow dress, below). Without further ado, here are my favorite tech gifts for moms, bound to be a hit any time of year.

KLG and Hoda

Know a mom who’s always rooting through her purse for her phone, not sure if she hears it ringing or if she just missed a call? Here’s an easy way to fix that. This cute, Bluetooth-enabled purse charm flashes a white LED when a call comes in, or a slower blue one if one was just missed, so kiddos’ (or sitters’) calls will always connect…without the extra checking and worrying.

PLAY video memo
Classic mom time-stealer: having to ask for help with the same task more than once. Even when there’s a note on the counter, somehow, it can be missed. That’s why PLAY by Native Union is great: it’s so much fun that it’s pretty much impossible to ignore. It’s a video fridge magnet that can record up to three minutes of messages, letting moms ask for exactly what they need…and family members can play it back as many times as necessary to remember. It’s also a sweet way for moms and kids to leave little notes for each other.

Getting out of the house quickly is a challenge for any mom—there’s kid stuff, her stuff, extra tissues and so on—it’s no wonder that charging her phone can fall by the wayside. You can help with Bluelounge’s compact Kii, a mini connector that fits on her keychain. It can plug her phone into any computer’s USB port, so she can charge it on the go—and never need to dash home because her battery ran out.

This app by Tamper is basically Mission Control for moms. It’s got her calendar, all her tasks (presented as check lists), plus stocks and weather so she can see everything she needs to get her day going. No more jumping from app to app, or sorting through emails and calendars, to figure out what’s on her schedule—and that means fewer U-turns to pick up forgotten ballet shoes or Scout uniforms.

Warehouse stores are great, but they’re also a notorious time-suck. And for moms of little kids, they’re kind of a nightmare (racing through aisles to find a bathroom; keeping little hands out of the sample trays; juggling kids and giant packs of Pampers). So you can give a mom this tip: is like a warehouse store in her phone. It cuts out the drive, the crowds and the membership fee, and still offers free shipping on most items. It’s a freebie, but believe me, any mom will consider this one a gift.

Fire TV
I think this is the ultimate gift for moms. Amazon’s little box connects to an HGTV to seamlessly stream Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, games, music—and also has cool features like a voice search that works. So when you say, “Community,” the show actually comes up. ‘Cause who has time to hunt and peck for letters?

You could call it the mother of all gifts.

Know some more perfect presents for moms? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I’d love some suggestions for the perfect iPhone 6 case…. I don’t want anything that will take away from the thinness and beauty of the champagne color. But I’ve also heard so many conflicting things about the bending and needing tempered glass. Can you give us an update since you’ve had your’s for a while now? thanks! xo Colleen

    Leather? Vinyl? Kate Spade?

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