Weekend Disconnect • No. 5


Oh hai! Danielle here— does anyone else feel just exhausted after thanksgiving? With all the family and travel and eating… I think I need a simple weekend where things go a bit sloooower.

Read a book, plan a day trip, or just take a walk in the park. Just don’t forget to look up while your walking— the scenery is more beautiful and you wont trip on a vine… not like that’s happened to me or anything. Here are some other ways you can disconnect this weekend:

— I love how high-tech is used to inspire adventure and family bonding at this hotel/water park. It looks insanely fun.

— When in doubt, make bubble gum.

— We’re giving away slow cookers on the blog this week. Do you use one? I’m thinking I might need one to make some of Carley’s favorite recipes (scroll down to see them).

— A great conversation starter with your kids: What Do I Do about Screentime?

— As someone who never has time to eat healthy (hi, prosciutto panini), I appreciate Dr. Hyman’s kick in the pants. (And here’s the dish Carley can’t stop making… it’s super-healthy and yummy too.)

— This shih-tzu in a bear suit is in better shape than I am. Gotta head to the gym…

— My little nieces had a blast at Make Meaning this past weekend, making soap and ceramics. Is there one in your area?

— Plan a girl’s night in. Then take best-selling author Emily Giffin’s advice on how to make it awesome.


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