Weekend Disconnect • No. 2


Hi guys! Danielle, here. Not only is it Friday, but it’s Halloweeeeeen! We’ve been prepping all week, carving pumpkins and eating a few too many candy corns. here are some other fun ways to disconnect this weekend.

— In need of a last minute, moderately-funny, slightly-geeky costume? Check it.

— Um, can we all just discuss how MARCEL THE SHELL IS BACK!?!  I showed Carley’s kids, and now they’re smitten.

— It might be time to have a cheese party. Yes, it’s definitely time.

— We love Apple and all, but they need to stay out of my pants.

— Carley’s been nose-deep in this book for the last week. She finally put it down— I’m starting this weekend.

Photo source: Say Yes

Author: Danielle Torocsik

Danielle Torocsik is a native Angeleno. As Carley K.'s content producer and social media girl, she's learned to navigate the fast-paced digital world. Her newfound passion for tech is only rivaled by her love of food. She lives with two cats, a dog, a snake, and a MacBook Air.

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