Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend

Lately, everyone’s a bit on edge. The end of school is in sight and it feels like everything is culminating— the last big lacrosse game, student council elections, the big band concert, final exams. Plus Spencer’s getting ready to take his driving test (!) and Annie has been dealing with a few health issues that have us a bit perplexed. So things have felt a little dense as we hop from one big event to the other— emotions are running high and it’s been hard to breathe.

So getting to the beach this weekend has afforded me some time to (a) slow the eff down, (b) breathe, and (c) count the ways I feel grateful. For my kid’s health (even though Annie’s been having a tough time, it’s a minor blip compared to what others have been through with their children), for my 20 year marriage (that will never be easy to say— I am officially old, people), and for our life in Los Angeles, which is far away from the extended family that we love, but gives us so many ways to enjoy sun and nature, which feel like an antidote to the screen-shackled life so many of us lead.

Click here to see what I packed for the weekend, BTW.

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend

So this weekend, I’m earthing— squishing toes into the sand, hopping from one rock to another, breathing the ocean air, and cuddling my family as much as they can stand. Oh, and grilling hot dogs. Because hot dogs.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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