Friday Laugh

Gemma Correll

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at this stuff. Happy Friday!

Loving Gemma Correll’s Portlandia-style take on our digital strife, and how to cure it with old folk remedies. I wish some of these worked (though I’m not sure if my local CVS carries leeches). Sadly, I’ll be forever untangling my headphones, saving my coconut oil for make-up removal or cracked heels.

Electronic Folk Remedies Electronic Folk Remedies Electronic Folk Remedies Electronic Folk Remedies

Illustrations by Gemma Correll

Author: Carley Knobloch

Carley Knobloch is a digital lifestyle expert and a regular contributor on the Today Show and CNN. She’s also a home automation expert and host for HGTV, where makes home technology easy, approachable and fun. Carley has been featured in Real Simple, Allure, and Bloomberg Businessweek. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband, two kids, springer spaniel, and myriad smartphones.

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