Friday Disconnect • No 1

Sometimes it’s time to shut your laptop, shelf your smartphone, put your life on do not disturb. (Yes, you’re on the right blog.)

Today, we’re kicking off a new series called [highlight] Friday Disconnect [/highlight] — links to kick off the weekend and maybe nudge you to turn off your tech and do some stuff IRL.

I also want to introduce Danielle Torocsik, who will be scouring the web to find these links every week.  Here she is, with a deer.

Danielle and deer

Danielle is my right hand girl— she keeps CarleyK going— the person and the blog.  I seriously couldn’t do anything I do without her, for reals. Even wild deer appreciate her amazing abilities, and now you will too. So without further adieu: Danielle!

Ahem… is this thing on?

Danielle here, and with the leaves changing, and the weather getting cooler, the weekend can’t come soon enough— I’m all about getting in the kitchen to warm up and bake this. Or this. Ok, I’ll stop… it’s just so hard.

Aside from baking up a storm, here are the things we’re all psyched to read, watch, do and eat this weekend. Disconnect and enjoy one another— enjoy!

These mugs tell it like it is. Hilarious.

— Carley has been tooling around her neighborhood one one of these Linus bikes, and I’m kind of obsessed. You can’t text on a bike, BTW. I’ve tried.

Pegboard. So many ways to use it! I’m inspired.

— Carley & I shared this dessert last week (pictured above). I am forever changed.

— Oh, the sketching and drawing and inspiration that would ensue if we had one of these in the office!

— I’m not vegan, but I think Jessica Murnane is KILLING it with her One Part Podcast.

— This is how Steve Jobs raised his kids. I wonder if he had the right idea…

— Oooh, I am SO trying this strategy with my cat this weekend: Mama’s gotta type!


What’s on your schedule this weekend? Let me know in the comments. And thanks for welcoming me to the blog!


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