Friday Disconnect • No. 6

Gift wrapping

Christmas is around the corner… ho ho! Hi everyone, Danielle here.  I don’t know about you guys but the holiday season has put a pep in my step and I can just squeal with excitement! What I love most about the Holidays is the feeling of being around loved ones near and far.

So folks, this weekend, unplug, decorate a tree, host a dinner party or just sit around a fire, because when the new year rolls around so does the hectic-ness that comes along with it!  Team Carley K. wishes you a very Merry everything and we’ll see you on the other side of New Year’s Eve!

— I’m thinking about how I can do more than just stuff my face this holiday season. If you live in LA, check out these food charities that need your help.

— Very cool gifts that give back (and are a click away).

— Ever wonder why people have different laughs? (Here in the office, we snort on occasion).

— If you’re wrapping during the midnight our, here are two galleries of gift-wrapping inspiration: One, gorgeous, and two, for the truly lazy (you get me, Buzzfeed).

— Ugh, remember when the lion died? I cried and cried in my little pillow! Might just pick up The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe again, or one of these other Holiday book favorites.


Photo credit: Style Logistics



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