Let’s face it: It’s an exciting time, and it’s an overwhelming time too.  Whether you consider yourself a card-carrying “techie” or not, you bump into it at every turn— in your car, communicating with your kids (if they’ll look up from their screens), even shopping (apparently, apps are the new black).  And while it’s all supposed to make life easier, sometimes it distracts us from our goals and separates us from our loved ones. Okay, a lot of the time.

Here’s what I think: That technology should rise up to serve you, not bum you out.  That adopting the right technology can be life changing.  That you can live beautifully and elegantly with technology without spending a lot of money and time.  And that everyone can do it if they have the right guide.

Welcome to my new site. It’s where I’ll chronicle all my travels, share all my favorite products, and help you navigate the world of forward living.  Let’s figure all this stuff out together.


Photo by Daniel Collopy, Courtesy of HGTV.
I'm a digital lifestyle expert, helping busy humans make sense of the technology that's becoming an increasingly large part of our lives. I believe that technology shouldn't be stressful or scary— we can tap and swipe our way to a simpler life. Read more >