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In case you missed it, we got a puppy, his name is Marty and he’s a big, floppy Goldendoodle that has grown to be MUCH larger than we expected! Every gigantic inch of inch of his very furry body has brought us so much joy— he is ALWAYS smiling and making us laugh with his long goofy legs and his boisterous prancing around the house.

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The Non-Creepy Guide to Spying On Your Kids Online


Alright, James bond. The first rule of spying on your kids is… don’t call it spying. However, the reality is, in this day and age, you’ve got to monitor what your kids are doing online. The internet is a wild—and sometimes dangerous—place.

You wouldn’t let a 16-year-old disappear on a road trip with friends without first teaching him how to read a map, knowing exactly where they were going, when they’d be back, and demanding regular check-ins, right? But let loose on Snapchat? 

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This Is Why Your Kids Won’t Go To Bed


If you’ve ever dealt with 55 requests from a five-year-old (a glass of water? another hug? another story…?) that are all really just some version of “Mom, I can’t sleep,” you know how important getting kids to fall asleep quickly can be. Now, new research points to a major factor that could be keeping your little ones awake at night.

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