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    Smackdown: Family Cellular Plans

    family cellular plans

    If you’ve ever opened a cell phone bill and felt the floor sway beneath you when you read the total, then it might be time to think about a family cellular plan. After all, you might be able to stick to a monk-like data plan as a single person (though it’s not easy), but once you add on a spouse and data-addicted kids, that several-hundred-dollar bill becomes… well, inevitable. The big carriers all promise that their plans will save families a bundle.…

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  • withings aura giveaway

    Winding down (and a giveaway).

    Hi gang! It’s the end of my clean-the-tech-closet week, and since I’ve been a bit under the weather, I’ll be short and sweet so I can get back to bed. We’re giving…

  • speaker giveaway

    That’s my jam (and, a giveaway)

    THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED.  The kids and my musical tastes vary so wildly that you never know what you’re going to hear. We have an agreed-upon system for who gets to…