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    Wear It With: Motorola 360

    motorola 360

    I’ve been observing the new “less is more,” “fewer, better” movement when it comes to wardrobe, and it really suits me. Lately, I’ve been investing in more timeless pieces, stocking up on basics, and sticking to minimal color palates: namely black, white, grey, denim and stripes. Oh, and some pops of red, just cuz I’m nutty like that. So when I was playing with Motorola’s Moto 360 Moto Maker the other day, I wanted to design a watch that felt timeless, neutral, and…

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  • High Tech Teen Room

    Living a Phygital Life

    Lately, I’ve noticed that technology is being blamed for many of society’s ailments. We’re disenfranchised from one another, and it’s those darn smartphones! While it’s true that, at times, we all…

  • Using Waze Safely
    Security + Safety

    Who thinks Waze is Dangerous?

    Binnnnng! You glance down at your phone where Waze, the traffic-outsmarting GPS app, is charting your course. “You just got a road goodie!” the screen says. Wondering what that is, you narrowly miss your next turn…