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This space heater is as pretty as it is toasty

Mill Heat

There are some nights where it feels like, no matter how high you crank the thermostat, the room you’ve chosen to hibernate in just won’t heat up. Still, the alternative is usually a bulky and unwieldy space heater (AKA an eyesore that’s not worth the extra couple of degrees of warmth it provides). That’s why I was thrilled to discover Mill Heat’s space heaters… because they’re actually pretty.

I discovered Mill heaters when I attended my very first International Home & Housewares Show a couple years ago, and they weren’t readily available in the US. But now a handful of their models are at Home Depot, so stylish and functional heaters are finally an option.

Mill Heat Mill Heat

A part of the Mill Steel series, this floor-standing space heater is discrete and minimal. In fact, you can tuck it away in a corner of your bedroom, living room or office and barely notice it’s there thanks to the simple design, not to mention it’s very quiet operation. It’s angled aluminum feet make it look like it’s actually hovering above the floor—a major upgrade from other non-modern (and, frankly, ugly) designs.

Still, the best part about the Mill Steel Convection space heater is, of course, how toasty the room gets. With a sleek digital display and fan for extra heat distribution, the Mill Steel Convection comes with a wire heating element (which basically means that it starts cranking heat, fast), plus three different settings so you have a lot of control over the warmth.

Sometimes you just want a little extra heat by your toes, and it’s not worth cranking your central heating over. And sometimes you don’t have central heat at all (ah, I remember those days in our first frigid apartment) Either way this heater does the job, and looks good doing it.

What do you think? Would you upgrade to this design?

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