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  • Memorial Day Weekend

    Memorial Day

    Lately, everyone’s a bit on edge. The end of school is in sight and it feels like everything is culminating— the last big lacrosse game, student council elections, the big band concert, final exams. Plus…

  • Memorial Day Weekend
    Family Work + Travel

    Memorial Day Weekend

    We’re off to Malibu for the weekend to enjoy a little beach air and surf. This is the third year in a row that we’ve rented this adorable beach cottage on Airbnb and…

  • beating jet lag
    Wellness Work + Travel

    Beating Jet Lag

    Do you experience jet lag when you travel? It’s just about the worst: You arrive at your destination, many time zones away from home, and all you want to do is…

  • photo editing apps

    My Favorite Apps for Great Instagram Photos

    Summer is almost here, which means your smartphone camera is about to get a workout thanks to vacations, graduations, and all those pool selfie. While Apple and Samsung have really kicked…