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5 Sanity-Saving Tips to Make Holiday Travel With Kids a Breeze

Weyv: Holiday Travel with Kids

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I remember traveling without kids like a gauzy flashback in a movie. No one spilled anything, crying was not part of the equation, and all I needed to bring with me was a trashy novel and a pair of headphones. I would dress nicely, and step off the plane and be ready for dinner at my destination.

Ah, those days are over— holiday travel with kids feels more akin to going into battle. It’s for the simultaneously brave-hearted and naive, because you can’t really prepare yourself for what lies ahead: The frequent bathroom breaks, the seemingly lead-filled bags bursting with supplies, and I always always ended up with an apple juice in my lap. Actually, I’d be thrilled if there was no throw-up in my lap and apple juice was the worst of it.

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3 Tech Solutions to Growing Herbs and Veggies at Home

Urban Cultivator: Herbs at Home

Okay, if you’ve got a gorgeous flourishing garden and regularly prepare feasts of fresh, lovingly grown vegetables, I’m jealous. Even in the sunny climes of LA, I find it hard to keep herbs alive (the irony is that here, they seem to need water every two seconds or they combust from all the heat… or is that just my excuse for killing every herb plant I bring home?)

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Confused in the Vitamin Aisle? These Companies Want to Help

Care/Of Custom Supplements

Figuring out which supplements to take can be exhausting (which, you know, could result in you needing more adaptogens, to deal with the stress).

The truth is, the science on which ones you really need is often confusing and inconclusive. Plus, since the industry is highly unregulated, it’s filled with shady companies selling pills laced with fillers and other sketchy, untraceable ingredients.

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Back to the Roots Water Garden

Beoplay H7 Headphones

RED Amazon Echo

SkyBell HD WiFi Video Doorbell

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Beautiful Holiday Card Websites

Holiday Cards

Holiday cards are simultaneously joyous and stressful to me. It’s not that I don’t enjoy snapping a family photo, select a pretty design to frame it in and track down the most up-to-date mailing addresses of all your family and friends. It’s more that you’ve got quite a few things on your December to-do list and getting cards out the door on time (aka they don’t turn into New Year’s greetings) is priority #1. These five greeting card websites make the process seamless and easy, not to mention totally chic.

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Gifts for Curly Hair Friends

Gifts for Curly Hair

About once a week I get a DM or tweet asking me about my hair. There was a time I used to fight with my curly hair all the time, and wish I had straight smooth hair, which I thought was much prettier (not to mention how jealous I was of friends who could climb out of a pool or a shower and just… go. Without endless products and procedures to ensure it behaved.

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