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    Cyber Monday Deals (+ Codes)


    If you wanted to actually enjoy your family and digest your turkey last Thursday, I think you made the right choice. And yet skipping Black Friday deals might be making you feel like you missed a huge money-saving opportunity (and of course, that was the whole point of creating all that in-store madness). Fortunately, today is Cyber Monday, and many of those Black Friday deals are still on, along with lots of fresh ones today. The merits of Cyber Monday deals have been debated: Yes, it’s…

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    Blogging starts out as a lonely endeavor: You hang your shingle and start writing from the heart, hoping that someone will hear you, or be moved by what you’re saying. For…

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    Friday Announcements!

    Hey guys! It’s Friday, and I have some fun family travel planned for the weekend! I am dealing with a sore throat thing, but I’m taking every known supplement on the…